I got a iMac + Review

Well on November 11, 2007 my mother decided to help me buy my early christmas present and my dream computer.

Yea you are right ! I got a iMac 20″ with Mac OS X Leopard.The iMac is a very good computer. Even if it is the baseline it packs a lot of power, I can also play all my games, I might not be able to play the latest games on max graphics due to the ATI Mobility Radeon XT , but it definetly can handle AOE 3 with almost everything max ( if everything is max it lags , not much but I rather play smoothly ).

If you are going to buy a iMac, I recommend getting the 24″ inch since it has a ATI Radeon PRO card. Much more powerful and from what I heard it’s a dedicated card.

Boot Camp runs excellent. I can run all my Windows Applications natively, but still, I can run the games better if they were originally made for this Mac. For example: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne can run at 1680 x 1280 resolution on my OS X side but it can only run on 1440 x 1024 ( or something around there ) on my Windows side. Besides the fact that it runs at a lower resolution, that resolution is a widescreen, so when you move the move from left to right you can actually see and feel the “slowness of movement”.

My OS X Leopard Desktop 🙂 :

My OS X Leopard Desktop


6 Responses

  1. I believe the lack of widescreen support (and high resolution) in Warcraft III is due to it’s date of development; 2003.

  2. Yea the weird thing is that I get native ( max ) resolution on my mac side then on my windows side.

  3. probably some driver conflicts on the windows side

  4. Lol, I refuse to believe that since everything is working perfectly and plus … there apple drivers :).

  5. perhaps they did it intentionally, to sway you from windows.

  6. Lol I never thought about it like that.

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