Changing your DNS to OpenDNS

I have created a video on how to change your default DNS provided by your ISP. DNS stands for Domain Name Service, So far my knowledge of this is that the DNS server checks what you search before you actually go to the website. So might as well have something that checks to see if it can damage your computer. At the same time it makes your browser smarter by something called “Typo Correction”. With this feature it basically corrects you if you make a mistake. Example:

You type instead of OpenDNS will see that you mispelled and it will correct it. You will never see the “Page cannot be displayed” again ( unless your internet drop of course 😛 ).

Watch the video here.

Also on Mac OS X you can do this by click finder -> System Preferences -> Network -> and just add in “,”, make sure you delete any other DNS ips that you have.


2 Responses

  1. you are aware that open dns has instructions for this posted on their website, clear as day, right?

  2. Yea, Just wanted to make a video for it.

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