Windows , Linux , Mac

The new version of Ubuntu 7.10 is coming out in 2 days ! It’s been about time since I been waiting for this to come out ever since 7.04 was released. That’s the good thing about Linux, that it’s always under constant development, so if your a bleeding edge user like me, you would love this. I tried to give Novell’s openSUSE 10.3 a shot, I wasn’t pleased. Maybe it was because I don’t like Linux much in general. Nothing biased, just my personal opinion. Of course when I argue a point or point something wrong I’m almost never biased ( I can’t say never since I don’t remember lol ).

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 is coming out in 9 days.. finally? At least it’s still more advanced then everybody.

2 days ago I bought Windows Vista Home Premium and 2 GIGS of DDR2-PC 5300 RAM for my laptop. Vista Home Premium is wonderful since i’m not a gamer anymore ( with exceptions of course 😀 ). It’s working great, no bsods, and it’s pretty fast since my laptop only has a Intel Celeron M 1.6 GHZ processor and a Intel GFX 945 Express Chipset. There is one thing that is bothering me.. Don’t you think that Bill Gates has enough money.. If what people are saying it’s true about Windows ‘Vienna’ coming out in 09, then they better make some major and revolutionary changes.. since I don’t see myself buying another Windows version again .. ( that’s what I said about vista… and I still bought it.. probably cause I was on pirated version of XP and had a genuine copy of Home Basic .. but come on .. home basic sux and it’s ugly, I see myself staying on home premium since this version is definitely genuine and it’s not ugly 🙂 lol ).

Speaking about Windows, Since Bill Gates has enough money, don’t you think that if Vienna sux in 09 he should just make Windows Open Source, This will probably bring contraversy and money loss, but there are so many people that use the Windows OS that maybe Bill can use that to his advantage… There are a lot of good and bad people out there, some hackers just hack the OS to make it better, so people can actually be safer, and the others … well you probably already know what the other hackers do. As I said if Bill uses this to his advantage there will be so many people to help that I can almost guarantee that Windows will be the best, most stable, and most advanced OS in the world.


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