Thoughts on a few games

I lately started developing a new style of thinking about what I actually want with anything.. Meaning that “Do I really want to buy this device or console?”, well it basically is just asking yourself questions in your head or out loud which ever works for you best. One thing is that I wanted to get a Xbox 360 just for Halo 3. Halo 3 is going to be a great game just as it’s predecessors were, but you have to take something into consideration… Xbox 360 has major brick problems, so probably most of your time with your Xbox will probably be while your sending it back to Microsoft so they can fix it for you :(.

Console systems or PC systems? Well for my gaming on a PC is retarded at the moment. This mentality started after I used Linux, Since Linux doesn’t have much compatable games .. well then you start looking for alternatives, but there is good in this. One thing is that you don’t have to waste much money on a expensive gaming PC, and also if you use a gaming system then the game you buy for it will be fully optimized for that specific system :). That also means that you would want to pick a system for the type of games that you like and also for its stability. Now when it comes to the games I want to play it all comes down to Nintendo in general. They have the games I like, there all fun, and there all to the point.

That brings me to a game that I find very fun and effective. The game is for the Nintendo DS, and it is called Brain Age. This game basically trains your brain to think faster using Easy math problems and other algorithms that have been tested by a neuroscientist. You can get more information at there website


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