Switching back to Windows

I decided to switch to Windows a few months ago actually. I just never got the time to post it up on the blog. One thing that inspired me to post up things back on my blog was watching Derek Miller’s Cancer Story on Youtube.com. That was totally of topic but yes it is understandable. Anyways back to the title, I got a new laptop about two months ago, it was a Acer Aspire 3680, it works fine with Windows Vista Home Basic after you upgrade it to one gigabyte of ram.

The thing is that Linux wasn’t offering me the desktop usage that I needed, neither does a Mac OS X, and surprisingly I wanted a Mac, but the thing that also factors in a lot is my budget. As a 15 year old ( 16 on September 26 ) I don’t get as much money as I normally would and so getting a $1100.00 dollar computer is not really a option ( yes i’m going to get a job soon lol ).


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