Nautilus Bug 2 ?

Well I sent another bug report to Launchpad dealing with nautilus again. The first bug was solved automatically. I don’t know if it solved on it’s own with a simple restart or it fixed after a update.

This bug deals with browsing the content properties of any .avi file. If you right click a .avi file and click properties, The nautilus will crash/restart. I tried this with multiple .avi files and the same thing happened. The .avi files play correctly so they aren’t corrupted. I was wondering where I could find a nautilus log and I could not find it in /sys/log so I did the following:

$ killall nautilus

-> nautilus closed but then restarted. Had to change it’s start type in System -> Sessions from Restart -> Normal.

$ killall nautilus

-> Nautilus closed this time.

$ /usr/bin/nautilus

-> The nautilus started. Then I went to my .avi , right click -> properties .. It crashed and gave me this output:

/usr/bin/nautilus: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-1.0/ undefined symbol: totem_interface_load_with_root

To me it looks like nautilus is missing a library to handle movie or avi type property handling.


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