Nautilus Bug ? [ Solved ]

I have reported a Bug to launchpad. What happens is that when you add a 24 x 24 PNG Image ( haven’t tested other image formats ) to the ~/ directory, the nautilus freezes. For me my window turns dark. I do not know if this is just a Nvidia driver effect.

The weird thing is that if you add a 128 x 128 PNG Image to the ~/ directory before adding the 24 x 24 image to that directory, then the nautilus will not crash. Please try it out and report feedback to here and if you can launchpad.

I don’t know how the membership thing works but im a active member and I recently started working again with my launchpad acc since I have to become a member to get my blog up on the planet. If anyone can help me get membership I will appreciate it :).


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