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Changing your DNS to OpenDNS

I have created a video on how to change your default DNS provided by your ISP. DNS stands for Domain Name Service, So far my knowledge of this is that the DNS server checks what you search before you actually go to the website. So might as well have something that checks to see if it can damage your computer. At the same time it makes your browser smarter by something called “Typo Correction”. With this feature it basically corrects you if you make a mistake. Example:

You type instead of OpenDNS will see that you mispelled and it will correct it. You will never see the “Page cannot be displayed” again ( unless your internet drop of course šŸ˜› ).

Watch the video here.

Also on Mac OS X you can do this by click finder -> System Preferences -> Network -> and just add in “,”, make sure you delete any other DNS ips that you have.

I got a iMac + Review

Well on November 11, 2007 my mother decided to help me buy my early christmas present and my dream computer.

Yea you are right ! I got a iMac 20″ with Mac OS X Leopard.The iMac is a very good computer. Even if it is the baseline it packs a lot of power, I can also play all my games, I might not be able to play the latest games on max graphics due to the ATI Mobility Radeon XT , but it definetly can handle AOE 3 with almost everything max ( if everything is max it lags , not much but I rather play smoothly ).

If you are going to buy a iMac, I recommend getting the 24″ inch since it has a ATI Radeon PRO card. Much more powerful and from what I heard it’s a dedicated card.

Boot Camp runs excellent. I can run all my Windows Applications natively, but still, I can run the games better if they were originally made for this Mac. For example: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne can run at 1680 x 1280 resolution on my OS X side but it can only run on 1440 x 1024 ( or something around there ) on my Windows side. Besides the fact that it runs at a lower resolution, that resolution is a widescreen, so when you move the move from left to right you can actually see and feel the “slowness of movement”.

My OS X Leopard Desktop šŸ™‚ :

My OS X Leopard Desktop

Making Money by clicking Ads ?

Well my brother recommended me to a site that will actually pay me to click ads :). It’s not a scam though since my brother’s friend already got payed from this. All you need is a paypal account.

What you do is sign up using this link :

Make sure that “FearedBliss” is included in the referal box since that’s my name.

What happens is that you click 10 ads every 24 hours and you get 1 cent for every add. So your making 10 cents per day.

Now the money comes in when you refer more people. The more people you refer, the more money you make. So lets say you make the account and you click the 10 ads per day, but you also invited your friend and he clicks his 10 ads. That means that you made 10 cents + the 10 cents from your friend because your the referer. So that’s 20 cents so far. The more people you refer, the more money you make. Your friend can now do the same thing and start making profit.There is also a cool feature in which you can buy non-referredĀ members. So if you register and you leave theĀ referrerĀ box blank, you can be bought by someone. What this means is that if you just made the account and you didn’t add anyone to yourĀ referrerĀ box and I buy lets say 15 non-referredĀ members, thenĀ I’mĀ making my 10 cents + the 10 cents of the 15 members that I bought. That’s where you get a lot of money. You can even buy 500 non-refered members ( this is only a limited time offer ).Enjoy ~Ā 

My Vista Desktop

Well since i’m going to be using Vista permanently, I might as well learn how to tweak it better then how I tweaked XP. I apologize to the Linux fans out there but I can’t switch completely to Linux even if I do know how to use it. Although You can atleast look at my desktop šŸ™‚

Leopard Final Wallpaper FTW šŸ˜€

My Vista Desktop

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

Well There is about 30 seconds left till Leopard is finally released :). I think this release will be a big hit and will dominate the market. The only thing is that Apple has to lower there prices to a more consumer friendly price. Once this happens Apple will get 10x + more market share and people then ever before.

Switched completely to Ubuntu

Well after not thinking so hard about whether I should switch or not , I switched. It really wasn’t a hard decision and Microsoft should be ashamed because it wasn’t. After getting my wireless card to work, unmuting my sound card, and tweaking my UI and Compiz Fusion.. This is how my desktop looks like :

My Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop